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Thousands gather in downtown Los Angeles rallying for workers rights and for immigration reform on May 2, 2013.

NILC Webinars


The National Immigration Law Center would like to keep you informed about the latest developments regarding the rights of low-income immigrants. Join us for webinars in which we have experts discuss different policies and issues impacting immigrants. See below for more information.

The President's Executive Action on Immigration (12/17/14)

What Immigrant Workers Need to Know About Their Tax Obligations: Common Questions About Filing Federal Income Tax Returns (10/14/14)

Innovative Strategies for Providing Health Care to Low-Income Immigrants (6/25/14)

DACA Renewals News & Updates (5/30/14)

Latinos in the Deep South Webinar: Update on Immigration Reform and Immigration Policies (NILC on panel) (5/27/14)

Health Care Reform and Immigration Status in California (5/13/14)

Immigrants and Health Care in California (3/14/14)

Navigating the Application Process for Families That Include Immigrants (2/21/14)