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Our mission is to defend & advance the rights & opportunities of low-income immigrants and their family members.

From Businesses


E-Verify Creates Burdens for Small Businesses (NILC, 6/11, PDF)

Businesses Critique E-Verify: What Employers Are Saying (NILC, updated 9/11, PDF)

E-Verify & Federal Contractors: Duplicative Proposals That Hurt Small Businesses and American Workers (NILC, 5/11, PDF)

Main Street Alliance ("Small business owners. Small business values.") 

Mandatory E-Verify: Bad for Small Businesses and the Country's Bottom Line (J. Kelly Conklin, The Hill's Congress Blog, 9/16/11)

Illegal Immigration, Jobs Back in Spotlight at E-Verify Hearing (Keith Johnson, Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire, 9/15/11)

Bloomberg Report: Free E-Verify May Cost Small Business $2.6 Billion (1/11)

E-Verify Burdens Small Businesses (Gregg Thompson, National Federation of Independent Business, 7/9/11)

U.S. Hispanic Chamber Agrees Mandatory E-Verify Is Bad for the Economy (6/11) 

Employers Who Use E-Verify Are Not Guaranteed a Legal Workforce (NILC, 2011)

E-Verify Would Be Costly to Small Businesses (J. Kelly Conklin, Houston Chronicle, 7/13/11)

Letter to Kansas congressional delegation from Kansas business associations and chambers of commerce (6/30/11)

Letter to Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Reid opposing any expansion or mandatory implementation of E-Verify in the absence of comprehensive immigration reform (Latino Business Chamber of Greater Los Angeles, 7/14/11)

Minnesota Chamber of Commerce: Immigration for "development and growth of state's economy" (interview with Bill Blazar of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, 7/19/11)

Oregon Businesses Join with Unusual Allies to Press for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (The Oregonian, 7/5/11)