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Arrest & Detention Resources


Interactive Map of the U.S. Immigration Detention System

The latest version of DWN's map includes more detention centers, community organizations and immigration courts, in-depth information about facilities and related added media such as photos, videos, articles, and resource links.  The map is user-friendly, with more navigation options than previous versions and a specific page for each detention center. (Detention Watch Network, 7/08)

Immigrant Detention Centers

"[Here] is a list of jails and detention centers where Immigration and Customs Enforcement holds, or has held, noncitizens the government wants to deport, including asylum-seekers, people suspected of being in the country illegally and legal immigrants convicted of a wide range of crimes or misdemeanors.  The list includes the results of annual inspections." (New York Times, Feb. 23, 2010).

Protections for Detained Salvadorans after a Worksite Raid

Attorneys and legal workers representing persons detained in worksite raids should be aware of two provisions of a permanent injunction that apply nationwide to nationals of El Salvador detained by immigration authorities. (See also Orantes-Hernandez)  (4/08)

Ensuring Compliance with the ICE Detention Standards: Procedures for Complaints of Noncompliance (U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security document, 3/08, PDF)

Removal Defense Checklist in Criminal Charge Cases (Manuel D. Vargas of NYSA Immigrant Defense Project. (NYSDA, 11/07, PDF)

Immigration Detention and Removal: A Guide for Detainees and Their Families

(Bryan Lonegan and the Immigration Law Unit of the Legal Aid Society, 2/06, PDF)