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Information (and Hotline) about the Sept. 28, 2011, Federal District Court Decision

Alabama passed its extreme anti-immigrant law, HB 56, on June 2, 2011. Three groups — a coalition of civil rights organizations, the federal government, and churches — filed lawsuits challenging HB 56. On Sept. 28, 2011, a federal district court issued three decisions saying certain parts of the law may be enforced and other parts will be enjoined for now. (10/5/11)

State and Local Police Enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws: A Toolkit for Advocates (AILA, MALDEF, NCLR, NIF, NILC, 3/06, PDF)

Congress Should Oppose Attempts to Require or Authorize States to Regulate Immigration

  • Federal proposals to authorize state regulation of immigration law have repeatedly failed. 

  • State attempts to regulate immigration law are time-consuming, expensive, and unconstitutional.

  • State and local laws attempting to regulate immigration are bad for communities.

  • Many state and local police chiefs oppose local enforcement of immigration laws. 

  • Congress should continue to reject bills that would give police the authority to regulate immigration or authorize state and local immigration legislation.

Facts About Federal Preemption

How to analyze whether state and local initiatives are an unlawful attempt to enforce federal immigration law or regulate immigration.

Policies Limiting Enforcement of Immigration Laws by State and Local Authorities