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Our mission is to defend & advance the rights & opportunities of low-income immigrants and their family members.

From Conservatives


Conservatives, Tea Party Pan Republican-sponsored E-Verify Bill (Mike Lillis, The Hill, 09/17/11)

Tea Party Groups Warn Congressional Republicans Not to Mandate E-Verify (Mike Riggs,, 9/16/11)

Legal Workforce Act Is a Stealth National ID (Bob Barr, The Daily Caller, 9/14/11)

Liberty Republicans Oppose E-Verify Legislation: Proposed Bill Would be a Gross Violation of Personal and Economic Liberty (Dave Nalle, Republican Liberty Caucus, 9/12/11)

We Should Trust, but Not E-Verify: An Analysis of H.R. 2164 (Stuart Anderson, National Foundation for American Policy, 7/11)

Challenges Loom for "E-Verify" Employment Verification System (Annie I. Antón, Center for Democracy & Technology, 5/25/11)

"E-Verify" Is a Stealth National ID (Bob Barr, Atlanta Journal Constitution blog, 6/10/11)

Letter to House Judiciary Committee Re. E-Verify from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, et al. (3/10/11)

E-Verify is big government overreach, say libertarian and conservative leaders (E-Verify press conference call, 6/30/11)

Mandatory E-Verify: An Idea Before Its Time (Robert Gittelson, cofounder of Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, The Hill's Congress Blog, 6/22/11)

Should Americans Get Permission from the Federal Government Before Being Allowed to Start a New Job? (Stuart Anderson, Forbes, 6/26/11)

Is E-Verify Bill in Conflict with Conservative Ideals? (Gillian Brockell, The Daily Caller, 6/30/11)

E-Verify and the Emerging Surveillance State (American Policy Center, 2011)

Conservatives Join Criticism of E-Verify Immigration Measure (David Harrison, CQ Today Online News, 6/30/11)