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Our mission is to defend and advance the rights and opportunities of low-income immigrants and their family members.

Access to Education



Resources on State Campaigns for Tuition Equity, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

A comprehensive advocacy toolkit divided into the following sections: Background on Tuition Equity Measures; State Laws & Policies; Student Profiles; Estimates of Eligible Students; Sample State Fiscal Analyses; Social & Economic Impact of Improving Access to Higher Education for Immigrant Students; Public Opinion; Legal Challenges; Resources for Organizers; and Resources on Financial Aid, Scholarships & Student Advocacy Groups.

TABLE: State Bills on Access to Education for Immigrants

Lists state bills that would improve access by providing in-state tuition to a state’s high school graduates regardless of their status, or by increasing access to financial aid or scholarships.

Federal Financial Aid for College Available to Qualified Battered Immigrants

Eligibility for In-State Tuition, Fee Waivers, Financial Aid, and Scholarships in California (PDF)

In-state tuition rates | Board of Governor fee waivers | State financial aid (Cal Grants) | Federal financial aid | Institutional financial aid

More Information & Resources

Facts About In-State Tuition

Court Decisions Affecting Immigrants' Access to Education

Inclusive Policies Advance Dramatically in the States: Immigrants' Access to Drivers' Licenses, Higher Education, Workers' Rights, and Community Policing
In places where earlier waves of anti-immigrant activism produced restrictive policies, residents increasingly find that the policies are unworkable legally, practically, and politically, which is motivating them to explore more inclusive alternatives. (Report published Sept. 2013.)

State Campaigns on Education for Immigrant Students Gain Momentum in 2011
Advocates made significant progress in persuading legislators to improve access to education for all students this year, with campaigns to continue in several states next year. The results of the 2011 sessions, however, have been mixed, with both inclusive and restrictive bills becoming law. Challenges to these new laws, through litigation and pending voter referendums, have begun.

State Immigration-related Legislation: Last Year’s Key Battles Set the Stage for 2012
This wrap-up summarizes 2011’s battles in four key areas that, in 2012, will continue to play a prominent role in states’ debates.

Repository of Resources for Undocumented Students
“Although this compilation is by no means exhaustive, it provides an important step toward the identification of current available resources for students and educators in the states that have passed in-state tuition laws.” (Compiled by Alejandra Rincón for the College Board; 2012.)